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Join Team television 101 on the "Hops Highway"

Team television 101 is proud to announce that we have begun production on the Hops Highway project. This project began as a documentary series featuring a notable craft brewmaster, but quickly morphed into The Hops Highway Project and the Hops Highway Channel. Our first season begins with craft breweries, tap houses and talented brewmasters who are situated along Highway 78 in San Diego County, CA.

Little did we know, that the second highest concentration of craft breweries in the United States exists just 90 miles from Los Angeles. Watch as we feature portraits of truly American businesses and tell the stories about these talented artisans, who have started a craft beer revolution. Get in your car, hop on the Amtrak Surfliner or catch a flight and come enjoy some of the finest beers in the world. Follow us on

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Team television 101 always appreciates a challenge. As one Hollywood agent pointed out, "This is a hot potato." With that said, we broke out the sour cream and chives. The subject of medical marijuana is one of those hot button topics. We are very excited about our new show, The Collective, so excited that we have decided to debut a sneak preview right here on our site (not even the networks have seen this preview). Enjoy!

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In all seriousness, the production team set out to discover the world of medical marijuana in California. We have had the great fortune to meet with people from all walks of life, medical experts, attorneys, politicians, as well as normal folks who opened their lives to us and revealed some very compelling stories. Our commitment to the subject is without political agenda or slant. For those that don't read in between the lines, this means that there are both pro and con points of view. We hope that our attempt to "normalize" the subject matter will enable the viewer to be entertained and to watch the show without prejudice. Team television 101 is proud to present "The Collective", coming to a network near you.

Don’t be surprised if your Navy SEAL, Green Beret, etc… is just as effective in the kitchen as they are at protecting our nation.

"Come And Get It"

Breaking News !!!
Team television 101 is proud to announce that Chef Robbie Myers has been selected to be the host of "Come and Get It". Chef Myers is a decorated army veteran of the war in Afghanistan, but has also received deployments in South Korea, and Germany. After his military service Chef Myers studied and worked to become an executive chef. Most recently, Chef Myers competed against three other military chefs on The Food Network show, "Chopped". He was victorious and is a "Chopped Champion" We are thrilled to have Chef Robbie Myers as our host and we are excited to watch as audiences connect with this dynamic and special soldier/chef.

Team television 101 is proud to announce that we have begun pre production on our original cooking series, “Come and Get It”. This exciting new series was created to show another side of the men and women who serve our great nation. We have the finest military on earth without comparison, but our fighting men and women have plenty more to offer. We are assembling the most talented, vibrant, group of chefs from The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard including those currently serving and veterans. From their perspective our audience will watch world-class cuisine prepared by the best of the best. We are traveling to special locations to bring you a visual spectacle worthy of our forces. The crew of this production will be made up of mostly military veterans. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to veteran’s causes with emphasis on organizations that deal with PTSD as well as veteran’s employment. Stay tuned and watch for “Come and Get It” coming to a channel near you.

* We are proud to announce our newest sponsors; All-Clad, and Mac Knives. We are thankful for their support and we look forward to showcasing their products on the show.

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Center For Reflective Parenting: First Cut


"The Krzysztof Kieslowski Documentary"

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Team television 101 in collaboration with the Tumult Foundation, the Consulate General for the Republic of Poland, Los Angeles, and our many supporters in the Polish community both here in the states and in Poland, would like to announce that we have begun production on "It's Always The Same Pain", the Krzysztof Kieslowski Documentary. We are excited about the potential of this film to shed a special light on one of the great directors of our time, someone who we have become familiar with as we have become friends with many of the people who knew Kieslowski personally.

“Reel Guerrillas"

Based on the popular short film (and film festival darling) of the same title, Television 101 is revisiting the world of Nick Walker and his adventures in Hollywood. The cast of the short film included Joel David Moore (Spiral, Hatchet and Avatar 2009), Zach Levi (star of NBC's "Chuck"), and a supporting cast of talented actors as well as a cameo appearance by legendary director, Arthur Hiller. Reel Guerrillas, the feature film, answers all of the questions that were left unanswered in the short film, and takes you on a hilarious ride that will leave you doubled over with laughter. Team television 101would like to thank everyone for their support of the short film and we look forward to seeing you at the premiere of Reel Guerrillas, the feature.